The UltraLite Beehive Kiln was

Developed for fine metals

Granulation and Enameling.

You can now fire Precious Metal

Clays with the addition of the

Metal Clay firing inserts

The Kiln Body consists of
high insulating ceramic fiber.
Comes with Standard 15" Cord.

Uses standard 120V household current.


Temperature Controller

Gives you a full range of temperatures. 10 Identified temperatures from 1550F to as low as 850F. Comes with a 6’ cord. Use with the 120V Kilns


Red Brass Keum-Boo Covers (2)

Specially designed Red Brass Covers
to be inserted on the UltraLite Kiln
for firing Keum-Boo and PMC Aura 22.


8” Tweezers

Ideal for reaching into the kiln for hot pieces

Keeps your hands at a safe distance

Same length as the spatula


Texture Plates for Metal Clay

Set of 6, playing card size plates used for creating detail on the clay.


Enameling Trivets

Set of 3, 3” Nickel-chrome trivets sized to fit in the kiln. Bendable to custom fit your piece


The Art of Metal Clay by Sherri Haab

Techniques for Creating Jewelry and Decorative Objects. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the medium designed specifically for crafters and jewelry makers. Step by step using the UltraLite Kiln.

Includes DVD Reg. $24.99


Spare Heating Element

After extensive use the Element will require replacement 120V

It is a good idea to have a spare.



Manufacturer of Fine Jewelry Equipment

New Mirrored Finish

Flat Cover

Used to increase Kiln temperature by 100° F for firing large enamels.


New Hot Pad

7” High temperature Rubber Pad will help protect your tabletop and stabilize your Kiln


Enameling on Metal Clay by Pam East

Techniques for enameling on Metal Clay

Innovative Jewelry projects using

the UltraLite Kiln

Reg. $19.95


More Info.

120 Volt

Keum-Boo on Silver by Celie Fago

Techniques for applying

24k Gold to Silver

“The UltraLite is the best heat

source for Keum-Boo.”

(Special Price)


More Info.

Beehive Model

Classical Loop & Loop by Jean Reist Stark

Using the UltraLite Beehive Kiln.

The Clear step-by-step instructions will lead you through a total of 38 chain styles, all derived from the elegant loop-in-loop process. With 350 drawings and 45 photographs, "Classical Chains" is clearly the definitive work on this topic. Ms. Stark brings years of teaching and experimentation to this task. In straightforward language she discusses not only the making of chains, but clasps and terminals too. Hard cover with concealed wire binding.


More Info.

Travel & Storage Box

Handmade Travel Box allows you to pickup and go even with a warm kiln.

It is ideal to protect your

UltraLite Beehive Kiln when

your not using it.


Metal Clay Firing Inserts (3)

Specially designed for the Beehive Kiln to fire Metal Clay. 

Used to dry Metal Clay by setting on the Kiln lid for ten Minutes.